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Your name Conrad,Laura
Your email address
What is the best phone number at which to reach you? 617 661 8097
Should the performer for this event be listed as an individual, a duo, or a named group? Group
Name of group? Cantabile Renaissance Band
What category best describes this particular application? Other
Availability Fri 7p,8p,9p,10p
Sat 10,11*,noon*,1p*,2p*,3p*,4p*,5p,6p,7p,8p,9p,10p
Sun 10,11*,noon*,1p*,2p*,3p*,4p*
( * means preferred)
What is your EVENT'S TITLE? (30 characters at most) Past time with good company
Please describe your EVENT (NOT your group!) The audience will participate in rounds and simple part songs. Music will be supplied. We will sing about eating, drinking, love, birds, death, and "Publick Sickness", from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Event Type GROUP PARTICIPATION -- Audience participation is the primary focus, as in group singing, jams, etc.
Level Code BEGINNER-FRIENDLY -- No experience assumed
What size room work for this event? A classroom-sized room, with an area for half a dozen performers in the front.
Sound system requirements. (Write 'N/A' if you would not use a sound system even if one was available) N/A
Do you need a piano? No
Are you willing to work with others on a shared event? No
Video URL